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 Upcoming Health & Spirituality Shows


  • Feb 14
    Work Ethics 11:00 AM


    Daniel Assisi, Spiritist speaker who lives in San Diego, talks about the Spiritist view on Work Ethics. Join us in the discussion by calling LIVE at 858-769-4705. LISTEN HERE


  • Feb 21
    Life After Suicide Attempt 11:00 AM


    Angie Fenimore, author of the book Beyond the Darkness, talks about her would-be suicide experience and she recounts her descent into a hell of terrifying visions and psychic disintegration on the other side of the grave and her return to life through religious faith. Incredible! Join us LIVE at (858) 769-4705. LISTEN HERE


  • Feb 28
    Blindness and Reincarnation 11:00 AM

    Dr. Anseloni and guests talk about the spiritual roots of blindness. Amazing cases and lots of explanations. Listen and make a comment or ask a question LIVE at 858-769-4705. LISTEN HERE


  • Mar 07
    Preparation for Death 11:00 AM


    Death and taxes are certainties in life, said the wise Franklin. And Spiritism explains that we should prepare ourselves to die well. How do we do it? In this program Tiago Ciccone, member of the Toronto Spiritist Society helps us understand it all. Call in LIVE at 858-769-4705 to ask questions and make comments. LISTEN HERE


  • Mar 14
    Spiritism at BBC - London 11:00 AM


    Dr. Silvia Gibbons and Mrs. Elsa Rossi, from the British Union of Spiritist Societies (BUSS) are interviewed about their participating in two programs at BBC - London. Call in LIVE at 858-769-4705 to ask questions and make comments. LISTEN HERE


Spiritist Awareness Segments

Previous Shows

  • Feb 07
    Pioneering Medium 11:00 AM


    The most studied and well-known Spanish medium of all times, Amalia Domingo Soler, is discussed in a most inspirational interview with Alba Morales, M.Ed., member of the Spiritist Society of Baltimore, and coordinator of its SPYC (Spiritist Program for Youth and Children). Call in LIVE at 858-769-4705 to ask questions and make comments. LISTEN HERE


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