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  • Nov 14
    Grandma, what is your soul 11:00 AM


     Karen Herrick talks about her latest book "Grandma What Is a Soul?" and much more. LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LISTEN HERE




  • Nov 21
    Healing Heart 11:00 AM


     Dr. Anseloni interviews Joseph Gallenberger, clinical pychologist, on his newest books and CD dedicated to helping people expand their consciousness on their loving capacity. LIVE show! Call us at 858-467-4705 for comments and questions. LISTEN HERE



  • Nov 28
    The Spirituality of Age 11:00 AM



    What is the spiritual meaning of aging? Dr. Anseloni talks to co-authors Dr. Weber and Dr. Orsborn about their recent book The Spirituality of Age. LIVE! Join us at 858-769-4705. LISTEN HERE



  • Dec 05
    Fourth-Dimensional Healing 11:00 AM


      Conversation between Dr. Anseloni and Randi Botnick, author of the new release Fourth-Dimentional Healing. The book offers a well-rounded compilation of spiritual beliefs and learned techniques. LIVE! Call in to ask questions at 858-769-4705. LISTEN HERE



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