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10 Days of Peacemaking Skills

10days Join Dr. Vanessa Anseloni and invited guests from the English-speaking Spiritist community in therapeutic conversations based on Spiritist messages that boost our peacemaking skills for immortality. You may also watch the series on Kardec Radio’s YouTube channel or via Kardec Radio’s Facebook page.





12 Encounters with the Divine Friend

12 Join Dr. Vanessa Anseloni as she engages the Facebook Live Community of Kardec Radio in therapeutic conversations based on Humberto de Campos’ texts on Jesus. These unprecedented passages are psychographed by Chico Xavier from several never before translated books. You may also watch the series on Kardec Radio’s YouTube channel or via Kardec Radio’s Facebook page.




15 Cases of Past Lives

15cases Join Dr. Vanessa Anseloni as she engages the Facebook Live Community of Kardec Radio in therapeutic conversations based on the book 15 Past Lives by the Spanish medium Amalia Domingo Soler, translated by Luis Hu. These passages have never before been translated into English. You may also watch the series on Kardec Radio’s YouTube channel or via Kardec Radio’s Facebook page.




21 Days to Spiritual Awakening: Voltei (I am Back/I Have Returned)

21days Dr. Vanessa Anseloni presents a therapeutic conversation based on selected passages of the book Voltei by the spirit author Brother Jacob through the medium Chico Xavier. The book discusses many of life’s common questions and addresses the importance of self-improvement for our immortality. Questions addressed include: Is it easier for Spiritists to face the situation beyond the grave? How can ensure a happy return to the spiritual world? Originally broadcasted via Kardec Radio’s account on Facebook Live from June 5 to June 25. Also available on the Kardec Radio YouTube channel.



21 Days with Paul and Stephen 

PaulandStephen Join Dr. Vanessa Anseloni as she engages the Facebook Live Community of Kardec Radio in therapeutic conversations based on the book Paul and Stephen by the spirit Emmanuel, psychographed by the medium Chico Xavier. You may also watch the series on Kardec Radio’s YouTube channel or via Kardec Radio’s Facebook page.

From the foreword by Emmanuel: “"How did an old man’s trip to the market to buy fish and vegetables lead to a chain of cause and effect events that would change the religious face of the world forever? Who was Paul of Tarsus? A fanatical Pharisee and ruthless persecutor of Christians and the newborn Christian doctrine? Or a being predestined by divine choice, who converted upon receiving the gift of the apparition of Jesus in a glorious vision at the gates of Damascus? This book will show the reader the greatness of Paul of Tarsus, a courageous, daring and sincere man, who repented for his radical posture that culminated in the stoning of Christianity’s first martyr, Stephen, and who humbly undertook the accelerated revision of his ideas in answer to Jesus’ call. Amid persecutions, infirmities, mockery, disillusionment, desertions by friends, stonings, beatings and imprisonments, he transformed his life into an example of labor through dozens of years of struggle by founding churches and rendering them assistance. At some point in our lives, we all receive Christ’s call. What have we done? Paul and Stephen will enable the reader to understand how love erases a multitude of wrongs.”



30 Days of Good News with the Master

30days Join Dr. Vanessa Anseloni as she engages the Facebook Live Community of Kardec Radio in therapeutic conversations based on the recently translated book Good News by the spirit Humberto de Campos, psychographed by the medium Chico Xavier. You may also watch the series on Kardec Radio’s YouTube channel or via Kardec Radio’s Facebook page.

Good News focuses on thirty episodes in the life of Jesus where the listener/reader will feel enraptured by the tenderness and wonderment of being connected directly with life of Christ. In this book Humberto de Campos reminds us that “all evangelical teachings are a living testament, void of superficiality”.





40 Nights with the Promised Consoler

40nights Join Dr. Vanessa Anseloni as she engages the Facebook Live Community of Kardec Radio in therapeutic conversations based on sections of books on the life of Jesus that are unprecedented in English-speaking literature by the spirit Humberto de Campos, psychographed by the medium Chico Xavier. You may also watch the series on Kardec Radio’s YouTube channel or via Kardec Radio’s Facebook page. Many of the sections of these books will be available in the Spiritist Magazine, and the entire translated compilation is in preparation for publication by the Brazilian Spirtist Federation.




A Moment of Reflection with Julio Carvalho

reflection Nourish your soul with enlightening conversations under the guise of Spiritist principles.



 God at Home 

gotathomeBring the comfort or spirituality to your own home with GOD AT HOME at Kardec Radio! Join Franziska Kranz, a German Spiritist, and Mackensie Melo from Massachusetts as they read and then interpret the mediumistic book by Chico Xavier, Jesus in the Home, by the Spirit Neio Lucio. Inspirational and soothing, these discussions will conquer your heart. You’ll also learn how to do your own God at Home meeting with your own families. Each program will unveil new lessons to live a better life!




Happy Life with Joanna de Ângelis (audiobook)

happy life Join Carla Carvalho for a set of short inspirational messages from Happy Life, from the spirit author Joanna de Angelis, psychographed by Divaldo Franco





Health And Spirituality with Dr. Vanessa Anseloni (live broadcast)

HealthSpirituality Join Kardec Radio in a set of programs broadcast live on Kardec Radio on Saturdays at 11am. Join Dr. Anseloni and her invited guests and nourish your soul for immortality with important, life-changing topics on mental and physical health and spirituality. Live interviews bridging health and Spiritism on Saturdays at 11am. Check out the upcoming schedule at Call in at 858-765-4705.




Heaven and Hell

Heavenhell Join dozens of voice-over collaborators as they read cases from Heaven and Hell published by Allan Kardec. The readings help to bring the written cases to life. Heaven and Hell is the fourth of the five basic works that make up the Spiritist Codification. Its main purpose is to explain God’s Justice from the point of view of the Spiritist Doctrine. It is aimed at demonstrating the immortality of the soul and its situation in the spirit world as a consequence of its own acts. It also contains sixty seven (67) testimonies given by repentant criminals, hardened spirits, happy, average and suffering spirits, suicides and spirits undergoing earthly expiation.





Instrumental Music By James Marotta

spiritist music Nourish your soul with inspiring music from James Marotta.






Interrupted Youth with Dr. Vanessa Anseloni

InterruptedYouth Join Dr. Vanessa Anseloni for a discussion of an important book from AME Editora in Brazil, where current issues such as abortion, eating disorders and body image disorders, suicide, accidents, fatalities, domestic violence and drug use are discussed from the persepctive of young people who disincarnated early in their lives. These young people return through mediumship to tell us their stories. Each theme and story is analyzed by scholars and educators of childhood and youth in order to affirm the great opportunity of growth, maturity and progress that youth provides when viewed from a Spiritist perspective.



Introduction to Spiritism from Love and Charity Spiritist Center (Orlando, Florida)

LoveandCharity Are you interested in knowing more about Spiritism, its beginnings and its works? The Love and Charity Spiritist Center in Orlando, Florida is proud to bring you new online videos every Monday at 7:30 pm Eastern. The format invites you to send in questions to via their Facebook page at You can also follow the Love and Charity Spiritist Center on Instagram and Twitter. On YouTube, you can also find the videos archived by searching for Love and Charity Spiritist Center.




 Immortal Wisdom With Leon Denis

afterdeath Dr. Vanessa Anseloni leads a discussion of 15 incredible chapters written by Leon Denis in his book After Death. It is all about the Pathway to Happiness through Immortal Wisdom. You can also view her discussions at Kardec Radio’s YouTube channel, or by going direclty to






ispirit Every week, iSpirit posts a new topic intended to explain the basics of the Spiritist Doctrine. With the help of iSpirit, we will define Spiritism. Enjoy and spread the word!

Visit the for other enlightening videos and playlists.



Jesus in the Home with Nahur Fonseca and Gabi Ferreira

jesusinthehome Join Nahur Fonseca and Gabi Ferreira as they read and comment upon Jesus in the Home by the spirit Neio Lucio through Chico Xavier. Revisit Jesus’ home meetings with your own family and children.






 Kardec Radio for Kids

  KRforkids Join us for Stories from the Heart with Carol and Mark! Every week Drs. Carol Correa-Smith and Mark Smith invite children of all ages to join in the fun as we learn about all the ways that Big Brother Jesus loves us, and how we can all become part of the Big Brother Jesus Love Team! Ready, set, and go!!!




Kardec Radio for Teens

krteens Bia Lopes hosts a teen-to-teen conversation on Spiritism in our daily lives. Then, Carol Correa and Mark Smith host a series from the Diary of Belinda and Alex and Message from a Teen in the Spirit World by Neio Lucio through Francisco Candido Xavier. Every Tuesdays at 6 PM (EST).




Learn Spiritism (Revista Auta de Souza)

LearnSpiritism In this 12-part series, you can learn the basic fundamentals of the Spiritist doctrine. The series is also available through on video through the Revista Auta de Souza page accessible from at or on YouTube by searching for “Revista Auto de Souza”.



Life Beyond the Veil

life Brought to you by the Long Island Spiritist Doctrine study group, Addison Cornwell presents a show addressing a Spiritist perspective on important psychological issues, including suicide, alcoholism, and dysfunctional childhoods.






Mediumship in the Air


 Jussara Korngold talks about mediumship according to Spiritism, answering many frequently asked questions from the audience.





Message from a Teen in the Spirit World

message Dr. Carol Correa-Smith and Dr. Mark Smith present a reading and commentary of the spirit author Neio Lucio’s account of a teen’s experience in the spirit world. Written as a set of letters to his brother Dirceu, Carlos helps us to learn important moral lessons about our lives here on Earth from a young person’s point of view that is valid for immortality and for souls of all ages.





Nosso Lar in Our Home

nossolar Mackenzie Melo and Franziska Kranz present 52-part reading and commentary of Nosso Lar (Portuguese for “Our Home”) from the spirit Andre Luiz through the mediumship of Francisco Candido Xavier. Nosso Lar is the name of the spirit colony that Andre Luiz describes in this first book of his collection of novels. In this vibrant narrative, the author offers us his observations and discoveries regarding life in the spirit world, acting as a sort of reporter who records his own experiences. It reveals a pulsating world full of life and activity organized in exemplary fashion, where discarnate spirits go through steps of recovery and spiritual education supervised by high order spirits. Nosso Lar enables us to see beforehand the spirit world that awaits us when we abandon the corporeal body through physical death.




Our Daily Bread

ourdailybread In this series, Portal Saber Espiritismo will read and discuss the book Our Daily Bread by Emmanuel through Chico Xavier. See the playlist on YouTube for the video series.





Our Daily Bread (audiobook)

ourdaily In this series, you can listen to a recorded audiobook of the book “Our Daily Bread”. In order to cope with all the difficulties and the struggles of life in this world, we must turn ourselves to the good and wise helpers that God sends to our way. The spirit Emmanuel is definitely one of them. Through this simple, but wise book, Our Daily Bread, written through the pen of the medium Francisco Cândido Xavier, we find the recipes that we all need in order to move onward with our journey towards righteousness. The wide range of messages that comprise this marvelous work cover a varied extent of situations that we all face in our everyday lives. May everyone that comes across the pages of this work of our brother Emmanuel find the help they need to succeed in life.



Our Home with Leo Vieira and Family

ourhome Join Leo Vieira and his family in their God at Home meeting. Learn how you can do a God at Home with your own family.






Pills of Trust

pills This series includes a reading and commentary of the book “Pills of Trust” from the spirit Dias da Cruz, psychographed by Andrei Moreira. The show is presented by Dr. Carol Correa-Smith and Dr. Mark Smith. Through this book, the spirit doctor Dias da Cruz invites us all to “take each day the pills of trust in the Father and let them awaken in you the awareness that you are His child and natural heir. The Father is offering you the plenitude of knowing and feeling yourself connected to the source of all the power and kindness to lead you toward happiness and inner peace.” You can purchase the book at, the proceeds going to benefit the work of Fraternidade Sem Fronteiras in Mozambique and Madagascar.



Random Selections from Living Spring

livingspring In this series, Peter Hays presents a reading and commentary from Living Spring by the spirit author Emmaneul through the mediumship of Chico Xavier.







Redefining Money

money Dr. Vanessa Anseloni presents 21 episodes of therapeutic conversations based on the book Money by the spirit Emmanuel through the mediumship of Chico Xavier. “We are aware that money is required when making airplanes and skyscrapers. However, it is with money that we manage the linen for the helpless patient or the cup of milk for the underprivileged child. For all those who try to understand this subject, whether by exchanging currency for bread intended to help victims of famine or by exchanging it for medicine bottles to relieve the sick stretched out on anyone’s cots, they all should recognize that money is also from God” (from the foreword of the book).


Rescue Work with Pat Jennings

MomentofReflection Pat Jennings presents a series addressing important issues in disobsession meetings.





Sex and Destiny

sexanddestiny Franziska Kranz, a German Spiritist and Mackenzie Melo, from Massachusetts (US) present a reading and commentary of Sex and Destiny from the spirit author Andre Luiz psychographed by Chico Xavier What effects will the sexual experiences and conduct of incarnates have on the immortal spirit in their future life, their destiny? “Sex and destiny, love and conscience, freedom and commitment, guilt and redemption, home and reincarnation are the topics of this book born in the forge of everyday reality” (from the preface by Emmanuel).



Spiritism and the Gospel

gospel In this series, James Marotta reads and comments upon The Gospel According to Spiritism published by Allan Kardec.






Spiritism and the Spirit World Around Us, with Brian Foster (live broadcast)

brianfoster Brian Foster hosts live conversations with the public about current topics in the light of Spiritism. Every Sunday at 7 PM (EST). For more information, visit Brian Foster’s blog at Call in at 858-765-4705.





Spiritism in its Simplest Expression (audiobook)

spiritism Join John Derosa as he reads Allan Kardec’s book Spiritism in its Simplest Expression. “In his attempt to popularize Spiritism and make its spreading easier and quicker without prejudicing the basic words of the Spiritist Doctrine, Allan Kardec wrote a number of booklets and distributed them throughout France at prices that were affordable for anyone who might be interested. Some of them had several printings and were highly successful. They continued to be republished even after the Codifier’s discarnation. This is one of those booklets. It is hoped that Spiritist readers will find that this unpretentious work enriches their knowledge of the Spiritist Doctrine” (from the cover).



Spiritism in Your Life

 spiritis in your live Join Dr. Marco Magalhaes and Dr. Joyce Magalhaes for discussions on health and illness from a Spiritist perspective.






Spiritist Conversations

spiritistconversations A show where we sit down with friends to talk about the world through a Spiritist lens in an informal, unscripted, and unplugged way. Pull up a chair and join our conversations as we leverage the scientific, philosophic, and ethical aspects of Spiritism to untangle life — and have some fun while at it! Visit Dr. Daniel Assisi’s blog for more information.





Spiritist Support for Parents

sparents Inspired by Chico Xavier's recommendations that we shall one day offer Spiritist courses for parents and parents-to-be, Spiritist Support for Parents is an initiative founded on May 8, 2016 (Mothers' Day). It encompasses a group of international volunteers who are available to offer spiritual assistance while addressing questions from parents on the Spiritist approach to parenting. Should you be available to and interested in joining our team of volunteers, please contact us here.

Weekly, we also share video insights on the Spiritist approach to parenting. For more information, visit


Spiritist Music with James Marotta

spiritist music Join us for enlightening Spiritist music with James Marotta.





 Spiritist Talks

spiritisttalksEach week, join us for an array of enlightening Spiritist talks in English from around the world.





Spiritist Awareness

sep21 A weekly segment on Kardec Radio, where several programs from Kardec Radio’s worldwide team of hosts are compiled to help nourish your soul and awareness of Spiritist principles for immortality.





Spirituality and the Brain 

spiritualityandthebrain Join Dr. Vanessa Anseloni as she connects recent developments in neuroscience with the teachings of Spiritism.





The Diaries of Belinda and Alex

diaries In this series, Dr. Carol Correa-Smith and Dr. Mark Smith read and comment upon the diaries of Belinda and Alex, adapted into English from a book published by AME Editora in Brazil. In this series, you will discover the spiritual connections between the lives of the two young people, Alex and Belinda, and you will also be able to learn more about important moral, relationship and family issues affecting the lives of young people from a Spiritist perspective.




The Messengers in Our Home

messengers Join Franziska Kranz, a German Spiritist and Mackenzie Melo, Massachusetts (US) for their reading and commentary of the book The Messengers by the spirit author Andre Luis, psychographed by the medium Chico Xavier.








The Spirits Book (audiobook)

spiritisbook The Spirits’ Book is the first book published by Allan Kardec. It contains a complete explanation about life and its foundational aspects. Now listen to its 1,019 questions and answers, which were originally broadcast every Sunday for the Spiritist Awareness Program at Kardec Radio. John DeRosa (Kardec's voice) and Stephen Shepard (Illuminated Spirits' voice) will delight your mind with this book's life-changing teachings.







Therapeutic Word with Joanna de Angelis (with Thiago Ciccone)

Joana Thiago Ciccone presents enlightening therapeutic messages from Joanna de Angelis.






 Thought and Life

Thought and Life Vanessa Anseloni and Carlos Dias read and discuss the book that is considered a synopsis of guidelines for life. You can also view the videos of this podcast at this YouTube playlist.




Togetherness (iSpirit)

togetherness Togetherness is a video series from iSpirit about current human thinking on religious diversity, spirituality and evolution. Visit for links to videos and additional information.



Virtual Passes

 virtualpasses We invite you to nourish your soul in the virtual passes room. Please listen to the Virtual Passes recordings at a time and location where you can relax without interruption for approximately eight minutes. Bring only positive thoughts to the "Virtual Pass Room" and be prepared to pray. You can choose a male or a female voice.

If you wish, you can view the Virtual Passes room with a soothing lavender field background on Kardec Radio’s YouTube channel (see the Virtual Passes playlist here).


YES (Youth Education in Spiritism) with Bernadete Leal

yes Bernadete Leal, M.Ed. presents a program on youth education in Spiritism. She is a Spiritist educator, devoting her time to compiling materials and resources to educate children and youth in Spiritism in the United States. She is the coordinator of the Education for Youth and Children of the United States Spiritist Council.