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Heaven and Hell

  Heaven and Hell is the fourth of the five basic works that make up the Spiritist Codification. Its main purpose is to explain God’s Justice from the point of view of the Spiritist Doctrine. It is aimed at demonstrating the immortality of the soul and its situation in the spirit world as a consequence of its own acts. It also contains sixty seven (67) testimonies given by repentant criminals, hardened spirits, happy, average and suffering spirits, suicides and spirits undergoing earthly expiation. Buy the book here.


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Heaven and Hell

Suicides (9)


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Voice-over Collaborators: Selenia Shepard, Stephen Shepard, John DeRosa and family, Kirsten DeMelo, Leonardo Vieira, Frederico Gouveia, Vanessa Schiodtz, Carlos Dias, Daniel Assisi, Isabella Vieira, Franziska Kranz, Mackenzie Melo, Paul Keogan, Marco Magalhaes, Hendrick Melo, Heather Bollech-Fonseca, Peter Hays, Guiliano Camargo Filho, Giuliano Maia, Patrick Jennings, Karen Schiodtz, Bruna Brites, Albert Leftwich, Richard Poplawski, Todd Patterson, Palloma Patterson, Murillo Soranso, James Marotta, Carol Strosnider, Luis Sergio Marotta, Sheyne Martin, Eric Martin, Brian Vosberg, Bernadete Leal, Barbara Firmo Walcher, Andrew Algarin, Carolina Correa, Mark Smith, Susan Coffman, Brad Apling, Cinthia Fabretti, Vanessa Anseloni.
Editing collaborators: Vanessa Anseloni, Daniel Santos, Carlos Dias, John DeRosa, Stephen Shepard, James Marotta, Luis Sergio Marotta.
Coordinator of the project: Vanessa Anseloni